I wish I had read Learning to Dance twenty years ago!
Don Brash, ex-Governor of the Reserve bank, New Zealand

Read, enjoy and follow the conclusions in this wonderful book written by a globe-trotting practitioner, and we will all live in more friendly, and amazingly, a more efficient, world.
Christer Ragnar, Ex Managing Director, Nordbanken, Sweden

Learning to Dance is a gem of a book, chock-a-block with pearls of wisdom. For a "how to manage" book, uncommonly it is full of common-sense!
Executive Managing Director and Chief Economist, Standard and Poor’s, New York.

Paperback Version

Frank Olsson has always taken a lighthearted approach to life and business, believing that doing things with joy and panache achieves better and more sustainable results. In Learning to Dance Corporate Style he invites readers to "make life a dance rather than a slog", aligning business success with a happy personal life. Sections include: authority and hierarchy; learn, earn or spurn; authenticity and pretence; balance: a personal pie chart; reading the writing on the wall; and outmoded terms and concepts. Buy Now


I'm giving away a condensed version of my book "Learning to dance corporate style" as a downloadable e-book. COMING SOON

Chapter Excerpts

I've published a selection of chapters as articles and added updated perspectives on the original text, read them here