Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another


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A good speech is mainly off the cuff with 100% eye contact with the audience. Most of my speeches are not written down but based on a handful of important life skills and insights. The key is not the verbal message but the energy and conviction with which it all is delivered, taking people to a high and ensuring that all leave entertained and keen to take on new things.

A good speech is mainly off the cuff with 100% eye contact with the audience.

My preference is to avoid pictures and overheads as they distract from the dialogue I wish to achieve with all present. A/V reduces the downside risk of your presentation but it also reduces the upside potential. In academic circles a speech is often called a paper.

My view is that a paper and speech are two different things and it is possible and common to have a good paper and a bad speech. For speaking, we much focus on the speech, grabbing the attention of all in the audience and not allowing a boring second for anyone for the duration. I am available to speak at conferences, seminars, graduation ceremonies and others on subjects as wide ranging as humanising business, finance and banking, democracy and social justice.

29 Apr 2016

Education, Future, massey, University

Massey Business Boot Camp

I spoke at the Massey University Business Boot camp where commerce and economics students from all over the North Island are giving up a week of their school holidays to immerse themselves in the world of business. Massey Business Boot Camp 2016 excites, engages and extends Year 13 business students through an integrative programme with leading edge teaching, inspiring role models and regional business engagement.

27 Apr 2016

Democracy, Fabian, Social, sweden

Social Democracy - What do we learn from the Swedish Approach?

So let’s talk about Sweden. On the complete other side of the globe with its own language and long winters and remarkable history it is often mentioned as an example we, down here in the South Pacific, should learn from. It has a strong and industrial economy, a wide and supportive range of social policy and sustained long periods of social democratic government. It is held up as an example with a lot to teach the English speaking west!

12 Oct 2007

AUT, graduation

AUT graduation ceremony

Invited to talk to the students graduating from AUT to share some of my life expereinces that I hope will equip the studnets with vaulable lessons for their future endeavours. "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to have the chance to talk to this audience of graduands and friends. Many of you have now completed your studies, even if as we all know, learning is lifelong.