Born and bred in Stockholm, Sweden I have spent thirty-one years outside Sweden in USA, UK, Kenya, Singapore, Japan and just over twenty years in New Zealand. I have had a positive outlook all my life, and although critical to many things, I have always cherished life and all the opportunities it serves up. I like and identify with the line in Walden by Henry David Thoreau which says: “First I came to this world to live in it, be it good or bad.” Contributing to something better is great, but enjoying the journey is paramount. No-one wants to listen to someone who always finds faults in things.

Traveling around has opened my eyes to how similar we are as human beings and how we need to be inclusive and extend friendship and charity to all. The good life is its own reward. The last line in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina captures what I see as a meaningful life:

“My life now is not meaningless, the way it was before, but it has the meaning of the good, which it is in my power to put into it.”

Enlightened self-interest means trying to serve others and thus building good will and friendships near and afar. There is nothing heroic or overly altruistic in this approach. It is just a simple self-rewarding formula for the good life.

After a year as an exchange student in Michigan and mandatory military service in Sweden I got a law degree from the University of Stockholm and moved into finance. My ten first career years I spent in the City Hall of Stockholm graduating to City Treasurer and then my career took me to eight banks on four continents, finishing up as the New Zealand country manager of the financial services institute of Australasia.

My banking jobs were on a senior level as general manager, country manager and managing director. My career has also brought me to several directorships, some corporate and many charitable including music, tennis, the environment and others. Currently in a post career space I am Swedish honorary consul for Auckland, President for NZ Europe Business Council, Chairman of Auckland Chamber Orchestra and a member of three other committees.

I am a keen reader and writer and enjoy every opportunity to speak to new audiences with a focus on humanising work and business to ensure is aligns with the good life. Putting life issues against the backdrop of humour, song and music helps dealing with tension, challenges and negativity. I much enjoy meeting and talking to people and always avail myself to anyone who is looking for advice, encouragement or just a chat. Much of the joy of life is in the interaction with other people – good, simple, hearty human conversation. I have written five books, the latest “Learning to Dance – Corporate Style” on how to humanise business and get more out of life and am grateful for positive feed-back from around the world.