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My Story

Swedish Born. Global banking experience. Trained Lawyer. Too busy to retire. Too many songs to sing and dances to dance. Prolific author and story teller, mentor and advisor and lover of the arts. President of NZ Europe Business Council, Chairman Auckland Chamber Orchestra Trust and on the advisory board for AUT Business School - why would I slow down now?


Author of 7 books including “Learning to dance Corporate Style”, a book that teaches us how to humanise business and get more from life; rememer, it’s a dance not a journey.


Regular speaker at events including AUT University and business conferences. I Bring a refreshing warmth and engaging style in all my speaking engagements.

Thought Leader

I have reviewed the Harvard Business Review for the last 20 years and I write on a variety of topics. Allow me to share my thoughts and maybe they may inspire you.”


  • Excess Virtue is a Vice – and good idea which is carried too far starts to get reduced returns.

  • It is wise to stop short of this point and realise that everything we do needs to be contextualised.

  • Wisdom is knowing a little about many things and understanding how things interact.

  • It is the things we don’t do that we regret, not the things we do; a bias for action. Try things, learn and improve.

  • My life now, my whole life, is not only not meaningless, the way it was before, but it has the meaning of the good which it is in my power to put into it.

    Leo Tolstoy / Anna Karenina




Latest Book – learning to dance corporate style

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